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DHD INSURANCE LTD started its insurance’s activities from 1996. From then it took an ascendant course improving continuously its offered services for the best service of its chosen clients. This rise is owed in the irreproachable collaboration with the insurance companies but also in its dialects clients, much of them are important (commercial or other) companies. Its qualitative developmental work leads continuously to results that ensure continuous rewards and also distinctions, awarding its precious and honorable work.

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The vision of our company is the flexibility and the offer of a rich range of insurance products that they would serve and satisfy even the most exigent clients. The avant-garde and the insurance support of the client constitute the goal of our company offering safety and reliability. A pioneering aspect of DHD’S action is the growth of human-friendly relations giving its client the chance to feel certain and confident in by our company in each difficult moment where it will result


140 Makarios, Avenue Raptopoulos Center, Office 103 Limassol, Cyprus

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